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A few weeks ago I was inspired by someone to send a gift of our English Toffee to Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton.  I packed up two of our gorgeous hat boxes, filled with 2 lbs of our gourmet toffee and tied off with beautiful ribbons; and wrote them each a brief note hoping they enjoy our toffee.  I followed the tracking information and it was delivered to Buckingham Palace about 5 days after I shipped it.  Yesterday I came into the shop and my assistant notified me there was a surprise on my desk.  Proudly displayed front and center was a beautiful envelope addressed to me with the official insignia of Queen Elizabeth II.  I was floored!  I gently opened the envelope and unfolded a beautifully written note of thanks to me from the Queen.  She had asked her Master of the Household, David Walker to write to me and express her gratitude for our very thoughtful gift she would certainly be enjoying.  

 This is how it works for me...the Law of Attraction.  I never really know how it's going to come back, but I do know that as I focus on the things that feel good, feel fun, feel exciting and then actually DO them...that something always come back in.  I love it.  It makes me feel more alive than I've ever felt in my life.  I never seem to do it perfectly and consistently, but I do believe I'm getting better at it.  Try it...it does work.


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05/17/2011 commented by Renee Harris

I love this!!! Thanks for not only doing what you did for the Royal Family, but for adding the paragraph about the Law of Attraction.