Happy New Year...and once again, there's been a huge gap in my blogging.  2013 was a year of huge transition.  We had many changes at Terry's Toffee, and all for the good.  And some of them had some challenge and difficulties involved, but again, all were good.  I think the key for me is recognizing that everything that happens in my life is an opportunity for learning, or a lesson.  And I need to embrace that as a very positive thing.

We implemented a new POS System.  I purchased it early in the year and it took about 8 months to get it set up.  There were times I thought I'd loose my mind over it, and times that I was excited with what it would do for us internally.  We are still working out a few kinks - but we are now on "speaking terms" and it is feeling pretty good.

We had some changes in staff too.  And if you are, were, or hope to be a small business owner - it's the nature of the game.  And again, it's all good.  The timing may not have always felt perfectly right, at the time, but in retrospect it really was.  

Terry's Toffee had our best year to date.  From starting in our house 11 years ago, to today, we are incredibly grateful for it all.  We opened on Grand Avenue 9 years ago this February 9th.  Celebrate!

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02/07/2014 commented by Marra Forman

Your toffees looks scrumptious....can't wait to try them.