I know this cold winter weather is getting to everyone.  I made a promise to myself as summer came to an end..."I'm going to embrace this winter!" instead of complain and hunker down indoors.  And I have embraced it!  At times I find myself laughing right out loud when I'm walking from the shop to my car and it's sub-zero temps and the wind is blowing and it's pitch black out.  Why am I laughing?  Because this is truly ridiculous weather!  And I said I'd embrace it!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, embrace it all.  We are nearing the final stretch of winter.  It's time to spread and share the love.  What do I love?  I love that I have fresh water to drink and bath in, I love that I have a home and a partner I love and who loves me, I love that I have a job and that I can (and do) pay my bills, I love my family and my friends,  I love that I can walk (and run), that I'm in excellent health at 57 years.  I love that the sun is shining today.  The teachings of Abraham talk about going on a "rampage of appreciation" when we are feeling disconnected.  That rampage works!  I'm here to tell you!

 I'm grateful for you, our customers.  Even if it's just one or two people reading my blog. 

 Happy St. Valentine's Day!



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