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Well, I'm a little nervous and a little excited to write my first blog post...here goes!

It's a rather synchronistic moment for my first post as we are just now entering the final days before the 83rd Annual Academy Awards; and that Terry's Toffee is celebrating our 7th year as a special "sweet" treat at this internationally viewed, star-studded event that connects people all over the world through the power of film.  I remember when the idea first came to me to approach The Academy.  It was that clear directive voice that has inspired me often and continues to direct my life, it said "Get your toffee in the Oscars."  That simple.  The "how" came very quickly and just as directly.  I called The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and asked for the President.  I've always believed in going right to the top.  His very kind and helpful assistant suggested I send out our toffee for them to taste.  Why not?  I'd want to taste it too!  We didn't make it in the Oscars that year, but the next year they called me!  That was rather stunning.  And I guess they are simply addicted to our really great tasting flavors because we've become a tradition every year since. 

They now put our toffee in the Green Room and the Dressing Rooms as well as gift us to the Presenters, Nominees, Winners and other VIP's lounging around backstage during the Oscars.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall while, according to our sources, many of the stars nearly polish off an entire platter by themselves.  And you've probably wondered to yourself what keeps them going for that nearly 3 hour long event...well it's a good thing we send out a large and varied assortment to keep them on their toes throughout the night.

I'm also excited to announce that we have partnered with Hillary Atkin of The Atkin Report in Los Angeles to offer you a very special Oscar Contest.

Go to: http://www.atkinreport.com/ and enter to win a 1 lb Oscar mix of Terry's Toffee.

I met Hillary when we first began Terry's Toffee; she was writing an article on the Oscar Gift Bag.  The Atkin Report is your source for the best in entertainment, beauty, fashion, dining and travel.

It makes perfect sense that our toffee serves as a connecting point at this event.  Michael and I have been continually amazed and inspired by how our toffee connects with people literally all over the world.

Over the past 8 years, my partner Michael and I have met some amazing people and have had and continue to have truly remarkable experiences through our company, and that is one of the reasons I've wanted to start a blog.  As the days and weeks unfold I look forward to sharing my stories with you.  I hope you find some spark of inspiration, connection or simply pleasure in reading as we share.


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02/22/2011 commented by superbadfriend

Congrats on your first blog post honey! I know your words will be an inspiration to all who come. :) xoj