The 2011 Oscar season has come to a close. It was a fun two weeks of business; sending out our Press Release and being interviewed for TV as well as doing toffee tastings around town.  There were a few moments when I kind of lost mySelf in the process, and looking back wished I had remembered to stop and breathe!  That always connects me to my Self.  (I always use a capital S to remind my Self of the me that is always, eternally connected to The Divine, Great Spirit, Mother/Father/God or whatever the power is that creates and sustains life.)  

There are those moments in a day when we are aware that we have the power of choice and then there are those moments when we are rushing from one thing to the next not even aware of the choices we are making, but we are making them!  I want more of those choice-aware moments in my life. I love the term choice points.  I think you know what I'm talking about.  They are those tiny little micro moments when you say to yourSelf, I'm going to do this - or that; I'm going this way or that way with my choice of words or thoughts or actions.  Like when someone cuts you off while driving.  Are you going to get angry and speed up and cut them off?  Or are you going to take a deep breath, calm yourself and actually pull back from the situation both literally and figuratively.  I love those moments when I make the choice of slowing down and breathing; I feel so much more connected and relaxed.  We have dozens, maybe even hundreds of those choice points throughout each and every day.  How am I going to choose to talk to this person over the phone, or treat a salesperson, or my spouse or partner?  And sometimes our choices have absolutely nothing to do with an action but everything to do with what we are thinking about.  What do we choose to focus on; is it something negative, judgmental or condescending?  Or are we choosing to remember to be kind, loving, compassionate and understanding?

 I feel like it really boils down to energy.  What kind of energy do I want to put out to the world I live in?  Remembering that what I put out to the world is also what I am asking the world to return to me.  We really do create our own reality.  And our reality isn't based on fact, it is based on our perception and our experiences.  At least that's how I feel about it right now.  So my hope is that I continue to get better at making choices for mySelf as I move forward and live my life.  And to remember that I do have those choice points throughout each day.

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